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What is NextWork?

It is important for high school students to formulate a plan for a successful life after graduation – and that does not have to mean college. Local businesses are seeking talented, qualified, high school graduates to begin working in their companies right away. Nextwork is here to help your child find and connect with those employers through an interactive, online platform where they can search and explore exciting, high paying job opportunities in the fields of IT, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Think you know a lot about manufacturing as a career for your child? Take the survey here – https://next-work.org/survey/.

How can NextWork help your child?

The NextWork platform allows students to search for jobs in Lake and Geauga Counties while they are preparing to finish high school. Students are able to:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Upload a resume
  • Communicate with hiring managers at local companies
  • Connect with other students on public forums
  • Explore high paying job opportunities in fields with good benefits

Our promise extends beyond the technology

We want students to have the ability to interact with employers in person. The NextWork Initiative helps bridge that gap by offering:

  • On-site shadowing experiences: Students can experience “a day in the life” at a local business by visiting them on-site for a day.
  • Speakers with diverse backgrounds: Representatives from local businesses will visit schools and present information about career paths and job opportunities with their company.
  • Experiential learning opportunities: Students can take a hands-on approach to learning with job opportunities that are structured to teach them the skills they need to be successful.
  • Career potential: Students can find jobs that will provide opportunities for growth, ample pay, and stability to build a foundation while building a plan for a future after high school.

What’s Next?

Accounts are free for your child to begin exploring what NextWork has to offer. Sign up by clicking Register at the top right of the home page.

Want to learn more? Feel free to browse the experiences available on the site, or join the discussion forums! If you have questions, please contact us.


NextWork is an experiential learning platform that allows Northeast Ohio businesses to offer opportunities for schools, students and the public to engage in a collaborative way.

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