Franklin B. Walter Award

West Geauga senior David Sprenger was awarded the Franklin B. Walter Award in Columbus on April 12. One senior from each Ohio County received this prestigious award. Geauga County Board of Education selected David to receive the honor and attend a luncheon in Columbus. Geauga County Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Allen, and West Geauga High School Principal Jay Bishop joined David

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NextWork launches September 31, 2017

Nextwork supports our community with  . . . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris rutrum ornare sem, ut interdum orci viverra eget. Aliquam porttitor maximus elit aliquam elementum. Quisque nec pharetra mauris, quis gravida diam. Etiam fringilla mi odio, eu vestibulum sapien imperdiet eu. Praesent pharetra est quis purus malesuada ullamcorper. Vivamus eget lorem ornare, mollis ligula ut,

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NextWork is an experiential learning platform that allows our Lake and Geauga businesses to offer opportunities for schools, students and the public to engage in a collaborative way.

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