About NextWork

Who We Are

NextWork is an Opportunity Platform that allows Northeast Ohio businesses to offer opportunities for schools, students and the public to engage in a collaborative way.

NEXTWORK’s mission is to provide quality job opportunities to students by providing exposure, training and life skills required to be successful in a any career environment - including manufacturing, healthcare, or IT settings.

The business community and K-12 education will work collaboratively to:

• Create an organizational structure that will centralize the process of providing these experiences/opportunities in order to coordinate all efforts seamlessly

• Provide experiences and opportunities for students to become familiar with careers  so that they may make thoughtful and strategic decisions about their future

• Provide experiences and opportunities for school staff and community members to become aware of and understand their local business sectors

What NextWork Offers

NextWork is the Opportunity Platform for Students to Find and Prepare for their Future Careers


Direct access with ability to manage resumes/profiles/applications to experiences and potential longer-term opportunities; collaboration discussion boards


Create profiles with images, links, content, video to showcase companies. Create internships, experiences, job opportunity listings. Review/approve resumes of candidates and directly communicate. Use of event and calendaring system


Engage with local companies, parents and other school districts. Use of event and calendaring system. Create content for view by companies, other school districts, and the public.


Get information on local companies and programs geared towards students to enable meaningful conversations. View and attend professional speakers’ series and local events.

NextWork App - Coming Soon!

Launching in late 2021, the NextWork app will allow students and parents to find matched opportunities, chat with companies in your area, and apply for those opportunities right from your mobile device!


NextWork is an opportunity platform that allows businesses, school districts, students and parents to connect through education, internships, jobs and speaking engagements.

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38123 West Spaulding, First Floor
Willoughby, OH 44094