Guiding your child’s opportunities
in the modern workforce.

A Great Choice
For A Great Future.

We believe that Students + Industry = Possibility.

NextWork offers early exposure to manufacturing
careers. Our program begins creating an appreciation
for the opportunity as early as 4th grade. For students
who identify as having a strong interest in entering the
workforce directly following high school, NextWork
provides a connection to internships and training
programs customized by employers who wish to
start cultivating their workforce of tomorrow, today.

Mission: The Lake and Geauga Counties Manufacturing /K-12
Partnership’s mission is to provide quality job opportunities
to its students by providing exposure, training, and life skills
required to be successful in a manufacturing environment,
while helping to sustain and expand manufacturing in Lake
and Geauga Counties.

While Others Borrow,
You’ll Earn.

Encourage your high school student to create a NextWork profile.

No one wants their son or daughter to begin adulthood with debt.
If a 4-year degree is not your high-school student’s choice consider
encouraging them to create a NextWork profile. Manufacturing
companies are in need of skilled labor and offer high wages,
excellent benefits, job security, and growth opportunities.

Program Overview:

  • Participate in embedded career exposure through the school year (Career Day, Professional Speaker Series)
  • Build career backpack
  • Career exposure through the school year – site visits, internships and job shadowing
  • Develop a plan for their high school courses based on plan
  • Meet with school cotunselor to review their plan
  • Review college application process and requirements
  • Spend two days in field (2 career days, 2 college visit days, or
  • 1 career/college visit)2.5
  • week senior project

Job Shadowing

Individual students participate in one-day job shadowing experiences.The goal is for a student to have a personal experience in the workplace, they go on four experiences in the 10th and 11th grade


A project-based experience in which the students work with a team to develop a “real” project. The internship is a several week experience.

Professional Speakers

Students hear from people froma variety of industries and careers. The speakers share their story and experiences with the students. The speakers reach all the way down to the elementary school.

Site Visits

Large groups of students visit work sites and learn directly from company employees about their roles and responsibilities. Students experience what goes on at each site.


A Sampling of Partnering Organizations:
  • Swagelok Manufacturing
  • Universal Metal Products,
  • Lake Health Healthcare
  • WVIZ Technology
  • Lakeland Community College
  • Fredon Corporation
  • Lost Nation Airport
  • Component Repair Technologies

38% of employers consider internships
when selecting candidates from a large
pool of business school graduates.

Student Testimonials

“If you want to be successful
in life, this program will help
you achieve that goal.”

Jamie Castro

Wickliffe High School Student
Intern at Universal Metal
Products, Inc.

Being involved in Nextwork gives me the opportunity
to get a great job right after high school. Being in the
program teaches me valuable skills and it’s a good
opportunity for anyone interested. If you want to be
successful in life, this program will help you achieve
that goal. The manufacturing industry is growing and
will remain important in the years to come.

“There’s nothing like this program.
It’s so hands on and I’m learning
things that will have a serious
impact on my future.”

Anthony Noah

Wickliffe High School Student
Intern at Fredon Corporation

This is a great program because there’s an
opportunity to learn about all aspects of manufac-
turing. There’s more that goes on than machinery.
That’s usually all you hear about but there’s other
important roles, so if you have other interests, it’s
still worth looking into. There’s nothing like this
program. It’s so hands on and I’m learning things
that will have a serious impact on my future.
excited to begin my career in manufacturing.

Company Testimonials

“People who start here rise
through the ranks. This is
just a starting point.”

Amy Valentino

Corporate HR Manager
Universal Metal Products, Inc.

A lot of people think manufacturing is a dead end
job but they aren’t looking at the big picture. It can
be tough at first but once you get in and learn, you
can go anywhere in the industry. Our company wants
you to have a life career. We haven’t had a layoff in a
decade. People who start here rise through the ranks.
This is just a starting point. There are so many areas
in the company in which you can progress to.

“You can make a great
living without getting a
college degree. A career
in manufacturing can be
very rewarding.”

Roger Sustar

Fredon Corporation

If every company in America did what we’re trying
to do, there would never be a workforce shortage.
We’re trying to convince students, parents, and
America that you can make a great living without
getting a degree. A career in manufacturing can
be very rewarding.

How to Get Involved

Talk to your School Counselor

Connecting with NextWork is easy. Talk with your
school counselor and they will help you get started.
Counselors will discuss options with you, help you
connect with companies and find opportunities.
Working with counselors is the first step to a
successful career.

Register for the Online Portal

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View Company

And job, internship, and
shadowing opportunities


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There are thousands of job openings in hundreds of local companies. Find out where the jobs and careers are through NextWork, your school counselor, and other members of the NextWork community.


NextWork is an experiential learning platform that allows Northeast Ohio businesses to offer opportunities for schools, students and the public to engage in a collaborative way.

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