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It is the duty of an educational institution to prepare students for a successful future beyond the walls of a high school classroom. Generally, schools provide ample guidance for the college application or military enrollment processes; however, there is room for improvement to support those students who wish to continue on to a vocation after graduation. This has caused a skill set gap between young, qualified candidates and the businesses that wish to hire them. NextWork seeks to bridge that gap by connecting area schools and local businesses so that they may work together to fix the workforce shortage in Northeast Ohio counties.

What can NextWork do for your students?

NextWork provides an interactive, online communication and collaboration platform that opens doors to paid, experiential learning opportunities for students.

Students and school staff can set up accounts that allow them to:

  • Build a personal profile
  • Upload a resume
  • View job listings from local businesses
  • Submit job applications
  • Connect with employers
  • Communicate in a public forum

Beyond the NextWork technology: Living our mission

The mission of NextWork extends beyond the online platform. We seek to build relationships between schools and employers on an interpersonal level. Significant change begins with real-time, in-person experiences for students and schools. To fulfill that vision, NextWork will assist in coordinating the following:

  • On-site shadowing experiences – Students can experience “a day in the life” at a local business by visiting them on-site.
  • Speaking engagements – Schedule a representative from a local business to speak at your school to showcase the opportunities available in their field and provide guidance for interested students.
  • Create work-based experience programs – Collaborate with local businesses and discover how to set your students up for success by incorporating work-based learning experiences into curriculum and programs.

What NextWork will do to help schools

NextWork is available to every school in Northeast Ohio free of charge.

We understand that the school staff is pressed for time, and we are here to help. We will work with your staff and students to schedule short training sessions on how to use the NextWork platform.


NextWork is an experiential learning platform that allows Northeast Ohio businesses to offer opportunities for schools, students and the public to engage in a collaborative way.

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